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Floral Waters

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Floral Waters
Gentle and delicately fragrant, floral waters are suitable for all ages, including children. They also provide rehydrating, nurturing and refreshing benefits for the skin. Aromatic waters are a high quality by product of Young Living distillation of organically grown herbs at the Young Living Farms in Utah and Idaho. When misted into the air, they are uniquely calming, soothing and relaxing. Clary Sage nourishes skin and supports the endocrine system.


Basil Floral Water
Using Basil is a stimulating, energizing and uplifting way to relax muscles.
Code 3701 4 oz.

Clary Sage Floral Water
An exquisite by-product of Young Living's steam distillation, floral water has many of the same properties as the essential oil, but in lower concentration. Moreover, floral water includes some water-soluble components of the plant not included in the essential oil. A delightful floral water, Clary Sage Floral Water is the result of processing our high quality, organic Clary Sage essential oil.
Code 3704 4 oz.

Lavender Floral Water
Lavender is skin-soothing and calming. Spray on skin before bed as a lovely prelude to a peaceful night's rest.
Code 3713 4 oz.

Melissa Floral Water
Melissa is exquisitely relaxing and uplifting.
Code 3716 4 oz.

Peppermint Floral Water
Another delightful floral water, Peppermint the result of processing Young Living high quality, organic Peppermint essential oil. Peppermint is uplifting, energizing, cooling, refreshing and soothing to digestion.
Code 3705 4 oz.

Spearmint Floral Water
Spearmint is cooling and refreshing and can be use for cleansing of blemished and oily skin. It is also soothing for digestion.
Code 3717  4 oz.

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