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  • Distributor Account - This is the best option because as Distributor, you Save Money by ordering products at 24% discount.

    Once your distributor account is set up, just purchase a Distributor Kit for as low as $40.
        *** (Discount is activated when you purchase your Distributor Kit.)


    • No Obligation to Sell or Distribute Products
    • No Monthly Obligation to Purchase Products


    ** The only requirement is to have at least one order of at least $50. PV per year. Otherwise your Distributor Account will be dropped in the 13th month. If that happens, you will have to purchase another Distributor Kit to reactivate.

    You will be assigned your own Distributor Number to use in either ordering products or referring people to Young Living.

    Many people are so pleased with the products, they tell friends and family. If you decide to do that, just give people your Distributor Sponsor Number.

    You have the option to build a business. Young Living is a referral based company so you don't need to stock and retail products. Young Living pays you on all the sales from all the people you refer.


    Start Living Kit
      Price: $40.00
     Order Code #3693
    Start Living Kit Contains:
    1 Welcome Letter
    1 50% off Diffuser Coupon
    1 Start Living Pamphlet
    1 Essential Rewards Pamphlet
    1 Restore Your Core Brochure
    1 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse Brochure
    1 Thieves Booklet
    1 Everyday Oils Booklet
    1 Essential Oil Users Guide
    1 Product Guide
    1 Price List
    1 Policies + Procedures
    3 Distributor Application/Agreements
    3 Customer/Preferred Customer Forms
    1 NingXia Red DVD
    1 Gold of the Ages DVD
    1 A.R.T DVD
    1 Lavender (5 ml)
    1 Peppermint (5 ml)
    3 NingXia Red Singles
  • Choose One of these Distributor Kits:

    Start Living Kit
      Price: $40.
     Order Code #3693

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    Start Living with
    NingXia Red Kit

      Price: $185.
     Order Code #3696

    NingXia Red Kit contains:
    4 NingXia Red (1 liter)
    10 NingXia Red Singles (1 fl. oz.)
    1 NingXia Red Booklet
    Also included 1 Start Living Kit
    (See above)

    Start Living with
    Everyday Oils Kit

      Price: $150.
     Order Code #3700

    Everyday Oils Kit contains:
       1 - 5ml Lavender
       1 - 5ml Peppermint
       1 - 5ml Thieves
       1 - 5ml Lemon
       1 - 5ml Frankincense
       1 - 5ml Valor
       1 - 5ml PanAway
       1 - 5ml Peace & Calming
       1 - 5ml Purification
       1 Everyday Oils Booklet
    Also included 1 Start Living Kit
    (See above)

    Start Living with
    Thieves Kit

      Price: $150.
     Order Code #3694

    Thieves Kit contains:
    1 Thieves Essential Oil Blend (15 ml)
    1 Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste (4.1 oz)
    1 Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash (8 oz)
    2 Thieves Household Cleaner (14.4 oz)
    2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap (8 oz)
    3 Thieves Spray (1 fl oz)
    1 Thieves Booklet
    Also included 1 Start Living Kit
    (See above)

    Start Living with
    5-Day Nutritive Cleanse + Core Essentials

      Price: $275.
     Order Code #3685
    5-Day Cleanse/Core Kit contains:
    5-Day Nutritive Cleanse:
    1 NingXia Red (1 liter)
    1 Balance Complete (26.4 oz.)
    1 Digest + Cleanse (30 softgels)
    1 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse Brochure

    Core Essentials:
    1 NingXia Red (1 liter)
    2 Balance Complete (26.4 oz)
    1 Omega Blue (30 softgels)
    1 Longevity Softgels (30 softgels)
    1 Restore Your Core Brochure
    Also included 1 Start Living Kit
    (See above)